Why go to a custom jeweler when shopping for an engagement ring?

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August 7, 2017

Some people have it in their head that a custom engagement ring means one that is designed with a Harry Potter spell engraved on the back, or some extreme design or shape for people who have different taste, and occasionally it is… which is great! But, when you start actively seeking out the perfect engagement ring, you may soon realize that you aren’t finding any styles that are exactly what you or she wants, and that’s when you turn to the expertise of a custom jeweler. Sometimes it isn’t only a matter of the style that you or she prefers, but the style that looks best on her and flatters her unique hand and finger the most… Let’s go into a little bit more detail as to why you may want to consider a custom ring jeweler in DFW when shopping for an engagement ring.

Just like her, it’s unique

Just like the uniqueness of your bride-to-be, a custom-made engagement ring will be unique and made just for her. Whenever she shows her ring off to her friends, no one will ever show the same ring back. It takes the complimentary quote, “one of a kind” to a new level, as it is truly one of a kind. Many mass-made engagement rings get pushed to the top of the line for choice, and in which case, many women end up with the same ring, so why not make it a little more special?

It’s EXACTLY what she wants

Since you make the decisions in terms of the style, design, cut, color, band, and so on, being able to perfectly pick each characteristic of the ring will result in ultimate satisfaction.

It truly encompasses your love for her

By going the extra mile to have a ring that is especially made for her shows her how important her happiness truly means to you. The extra effort that is put into the design of a custom-made engagement ring portrays the extra effort you’re willing to put into the relationship.

It means higher quality

Many rings that are sold in the U.S. are actually made overseas in factories and put together by underpaid workers. But with a custom ring jeweler in Richardson, you know you will be getting the highest of quality by having the ring crafted by a skilled designer.

It may not be as expensive as you would expect

Surprisingly enough, having a ring custom-made doesn’t mean it has to break the bank. Sometimes, you can even simulate a particular generic design with a few minor changes and end up spending less… But, with the freedom to pick various characteristics of the ring that can create a high-quality style and look, you can truly create a perfect design without having to make an outrageous sacrifice.

On top of all of these reasons why a custom-made engagement ring may be the choice for you, here at Elite Jewelers, we know she’ll love it, and that’s what’s important. If you have more questions about having a custom engagement ring made, contact us today. We’re here and we’re passionate about helping you find or design the perfect engagement ring.

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