How to clean your diamond rings

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August 24, 2017

As we wear our diamond rings, they go through quite a lot of hardship. All the encounters we make in our daily lives expose our rings to a lot of elements. Over time we don’t notice the little bits of dust and dirt building up in the crevasses of our rings and clouding the beautiful diamonds and their beloved sparkle. Not only dirt, but oils from our own bodies, lotions, etc., can cause your diamond to become cloudy. Whenever we do find the time to clean our rings or take them somewhere to have them cleaned properly, we realize how dirty they really were as the beautiful shine and glistening characteristics make their way back out. After our rings are cleaned, many of the time we find ourselves unable to take our eyes away from that gorgeous ring. There is always the option of having someone else clean your rings for you, or buying an expensive jewelry cleaning solution, but keep reading, and we’ll tell you some cleaning tips, as well as some DIY [do it yourself] ways to help keep that dancing sparkle shimmering in the light.

First of all, never use harsh chemicals on your ring…

Certain substances can damage the metals, weakening them and tarnishing them. Many people hear ‘tricks’ here and there on how to clean their jewelry themselves, but many of these tricks can actually end up being harmful to your precious piece of jewelry. Abrasives, such as toothpaste can scratch the metal [especially gold] with the small granulation of its substance, and chlorine and bleach, along with other chemicals found in household cleaners can also damage the metals of your ring.

Be careful with ultrasonic cleaners…

Although these types of cleaning devices are great for removing stuck in dirt and grime with their low frequency waves and vibrating fluid, they can also shake loose stones in your ring. Especially if your ring has undergone any damage in the past, this existing weakness combined with the forceful cleaning of an ultrasonic cleaner can potentially damage your jewelry.

Clean your diamond consistently…

By not letting dirt and grime build up on your ring to begin with, the cleaning process will be much less harsh of an encounter. A simple degreasing solution is the perfect cleaning fluid for your jewelry. Try mixing warm water with a bit of mild dish soap, about two to three times a month. Use a clean, soft tooth brush to very gently scrub the ring with the homemade solution. Afterwards, rinse your piece of jewelry with water and then dry it with a cloth that won’t leave behind lint or fuzz on the ring.

Your diamond rings are precious, and keeping them clean and beautiful is important for their longevity. If you have jewelry questions, or perhaps are looking for diamond rings in DFW, here at our Richardson diamond store, we can help you out. Contact us today, and let us assist you in finding that perfect diamond ring.

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