Buying Gold? Here’s what you should know!

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July 24, 2017

Whether you are in Richardson or Dallas, Texas looking to buy gold jewelry, look no further than our Elite Jewelers Diamond Shop. Some people believe gold is a lifelong investment that is pure and beautiful. When you are in the market it is important to check that it is pure gold and authorized. The value of gold is directly linked to its purity, so check for carat, weight, and durability of the piece.

If you are buying gold to wear, then 18 carats is ideal. If you are looking for aesthetic or investment reasons, then 24 carat is the way to go. Never settle, we have spent years perfecting our gold jewelry by ensuring we have the purest gold for the most competitive prices. Gold necklaces and earrings are our specialty and we pride ourselves on serving our communities.

Now, remember, when the market tumbles interest around investing in gold increases. In numerous ways, gold can add diversity to your investment portfolio. Also, converting most of your liquid assets into gold bars to be stored in a bank safety deposit box can be a smart financial move. You can purchase gold in the form of bars through a dealer, buy gold coins through numismatic brokers, or buy gold in the form of jewelry – from us!

A simpler option that provides readily access and liquidity is to buy physical gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs). These types of ETFs represent your ownership in a physical piece of the shiny metal, and you can access ETFs through any custodial trading platform.

Since June 2015, Goldman Sachs has raised  its average gold price forecasts in the near and long term, extending into 2018. Then in October 2015, Merrill Lynch recommended buying gold on a brief dip because its analysts believed that when the Fed raised interest rates, stocks would sell off, the dollar would rally, and investors would see gold prices trend higher. This is a little confusing to follow, but as the market changes, your investment will dip or go up: the price of gold tends to go up when the market goes down and gold prices dip when inflation is and the economy is doing well (probably a great time to buy jewelry!).

Gold has become a secure and safe and costly investment now, but totally worth it. Just as your other investments, you should diversify your investment in gold whether it be jewelry or bars or coins. With the price of gold going in varying directions related to the market, if you have several investments in gold jewelry, you will even out in your profits and losses with a good return on investment (ROI).

There will always be risk involved when you by an investment, cars, homes, etc. Our team of jewelers at Elite Jewelers has all the tools and information you need for all your gold purchasing needs, come in and let’s talk gold! If you would like to come in to our Diamond Shop and learn more about gold, then contact us or visit us today.

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